Kjell Ola Dahl – K.O. Dahl

Kjell Ola Dahl is an acclaimed norwegian author of fiction and crime fiction. Several of his books are translated and published in a number of languages.

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Novels translated to English:

K O Dahl:
Lethal Investments (Norwegian title: Dødens investeringer)
K O Dahl:
The Last fix (Norwegian Title: En liten gyllen ring)
K O Dahl:
The man in the window (Norwegian Title: Mannen i vinduet)
K O Dahl:
The fourth man (Norwegian Title: Den fjerde raneren)

In Great Britain his books are published by Faber & Faber publishing house.
In the USA his books are published by MacMillan.

All the above books are in the series about the Oslo police detectives Gunnarstranda and Frolich.

In Norway there is eight books published in this series will be published this autumn.

Here, some reviews:

Lethal investments

The last fix

The man in the window

The fourth man